Difference between Application and Applet in java ?

Application and Applet in java are given below: The Difference between application and applet in java  are as follows.. Application Applet 1.An application is a program that run on computer system under the control of operating system.  1.Applet programs are the internet based programs which can run in a web browser.  2.Application program contain main() method. … Read more

Difference between for loop and For-each loop in java?

The difference between for loop and For-each loop are as follows..  for loop For-each loop  1.for loop is a feature added from version.  1. For-each loop is a new feature added from jdk 1.5 version.  2.for loop is used to performed repeatation process until and unless condition become false. 2.For-each loop is used to modify … Read more

Difference between Array and Collection?

The difference between Array and Collection are as follows.. Array Collection  1.Array is a collection of similar Homogeneous element.  1.Collection is collection of homogeneous and hetrogeneous element.  2.Array is a fixed size.  2.Collection is dynamic growable.  3.Chance of memory wastage.  3.No memory wastage problem.  4.Store data type as well as object type.  4.Stores only object … Read more

Object Oriented and Procedure Oriented Programming ?

Object oriented and procedure oriented programming are given below: The difference between Object oriented and Procedure oriented Programming are as follows.. Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) Procedure oriented Programming (POPs)  1. Data is more Secure in Object Oriented Programming language.  1.Data is less Secure in Procedure Oriented Programming Language. 2.In Object Oriented Programming , Data and Function are … Read more