What is EPCN number in TCS ? How to generate it?

What is EPCN number in TCS ?

EP stands for Experienced professional and it is a number given to a person who wants to join TCS or who wants to attend interview process of TCS.

It is a number given to candidate while registering his profile on TCS site or can also be generated when someone from TCS refer the person through their referral program called as Bring your buddy.

Then this EPCN number can be used to track the application status of candidate from creating his profile till his selection in TCS company.

If you do not know how to generate the EPCN number then the next question is definitely for you.

Please note that without EPCN number you can not attend the interview process of TCS company.

How to generate EPCN number?

If you are planning to attend interview with TCS company, then EPCN number is mandatory without it you can not attend interview with TCS company.

If you do not know how to generate EPCN number in order to be eligible for attending interview for TCS, then you can follow the below steps which are given below:

Steps to generate EPCN number:

Step 1: 

click on the given link—> www.careers.tcs.com 
and it will take you  to the career page of TCS company.

Step 2: 

At the top rightmost corner you will see India, click on that and again it will show some countries name along with India.You have to select India geography which is present there.

After that click on Experienced Professional.

Step 3: 

Go to Login option there and create your profile (For New Users). Please fill all the accurate details.

Step 4: 

After filling up the form you will get the EPCN number & password to the email id which you have used for registering your account.


Note : You have to carry any GOVT original ID for the identity purpose.

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