How to get placed as a fresher?

How to get placed as a fresher?

Guys, In this post I will tell you how u can get placed easily and crack interviews as a fresher.

So, first of all we have to think from the interviewer’s perspective.


Any person who is taking interview of yours has to judge you, based on the 30 to 40 mins of conversation.

In this conversation he will ask you following things.

a. some theory questions
b. past project related discussions.(If you are a fresher, then he will ask you about your college projects.)
c. may ask you to write some easy programs.
d. may ask you some Realtime questions.
(of course, he will check our communications skills as well)

So, as a fresher, I will suggest you to create some projects.
See, creating a project is not difficult thing now a days, we can enroll to any Udemy course.
and there we can learn new technologies(ReactJS, NodeJs, AngularJs, React Native, JAVA Spring Boot etc) along with the theory knowledge as well as some practical projects.
Some, of the best Udemy Courses Link, I have provided in bottom you can enroll any of them and start learning as soon as possible.

Once, you have completed any one course, you will get a good theory as well as practical knowledge about that particular technology.
In addition to that you would have completed at least 2 sample projects.
So, you go ahead and mention that in your resume.

Once the Interviewer sees that you have created some projects, he will ask you some questions about those projects,
to see if you have actually done something or just written it in your resume without knowing anything.

See, as you have completed the course and created the project, you will know each and everything about it and can answer the questions
with confidence.

And, as the interviewer has discussed about your past projects and has checked your theory as well as working knowledge,
he will have some confidence in you and he will definitely recommend you.
You will be having an upper edge over other candidate, who don’t have any project to showcase.
So, guys please start working on some projects as early as possible, it may be some basic website in ReactJs with backend as Nodejs.

Some Recommended Udemy Courses you can find in the below link.


Best Udemy courses to learn latest technologies.

1. NodeJS : Udemy course for NodeJs


2. ReactJS : Udemy course for ReactJs

3. React Native :  Udemy course for React Native

4.Angular : Udemy course for Angular

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