TCS full form and other most asked questions

In this post we will discuss most asked questions like TCS full form, founder of TCS etc. Many people will be aware of TCS full form and other small things regarding TCS, but still we want to include every basic question regarding TCS company, so that it can become a thorough guide for a fresher … Read more

Tips to be Job Ready

I get it! You need a job.  A job that will give you freedom, stability…blah..blah.. and what not. Everyone does. But, you know what? Did you ever ask yourself this question! Am I job ready? Well,  if your answer is No, this post will help you find the answer and walk you through some tips … Read more

Whatsapp group for freshers IT job openings

WhatsApp Groups Links WhatsApp group for freshers job opening. Are you a job seeker ? or a Fresher who is Searching for a right WhatsApp group link for job seekers which provides all recruitment event information like off-campus, pool drive, walk in news, freshers job post, it job post for various location like Bangalore, Pune, … Read more