Tips to be Job Ready

I get it!

You need a job.  A job that will give you freedom, stability…blah..blah.. and what not.

Everyone does.

But, you know what?

Did you ever ask yourself this question!

Am I job ready?

Well,  if your answer is No, this post will help you find the answer and walk you through some tips to be job ready.

So, let’s jump right in:


3 Tips to be Job Ready




 Research the company interviewing you

Yeah! yeah!

I understand.

It is soooo boring right?

Researching about the company takes a lot of effort and time.

Yep! I get that too. I too find it really boring.

And, you know what:

I’m not alone.

There are hundreds out there who think exactly the same. So just think, what will happen  if most people aren’t researching the company

…and… and you decide to put in the effort investing time in research to find about them in depth.

You will obviously be ahead of those thousands of people. Simple! As clear as daylight!

Isn’t it?

So, go ahead and do proper research about the company before every interview. This will automatically place you ahead of the thousands who aren’t doing it, increasing your chances for getting that job.

Know the Job profile well

You apply for an internship.

You got the internship offer.

You join the organization.

And all of a sudden it strikes, you have no idea what role do you have to play in the organization.

You wander the first day confused on what to do?

Sounds familiar?

Now, please replace the interview scenario for a job.

Well, that is what happens to most of us. We aren’t aware of the job role.

Workers today have a very narrow understanding of their specific position within their organization, even after being on the job for a while.  It makes sense that you may be unclear as to particular job duties when applying for a new gig, but you really should have a general idea of the most important facets of the role.

For instance, understanding the hierarchy within the organization can inform you the channels of command above you and the kind of potential there may be for advancement.

You can likely find this information and more on the company website or through a search on LinkedIn.  It’s also your responsibility to express confidence in your qualifications for the job.  Understanding the role will give you the foundation you need to convince interviewers you have the needed skills.

Develop Soft skills

You have heard it enough times already.

Develop your communication skills…

Develop your leadership skills…

Develop your management skills…

Well, I too have the same to say.

It doesn’t mean you have to be an Extrovert, Leader or a Manager to get these skills.

Even if you are an introvert, you CAN have an excellent communication skill.

Even if you haven’t led any team, you CAN be an excellent leader.

Even if you haven’t managed anything, you CAN STILL be a great manager ( management skills)

The thing is:

You just have to have an ATTITUDE to develop the skills. Nothing else will help you.

Have the courage and determination to develop and at least try your hand at these soft skills.

Learn from your failure.

Keep moving ahead, and soon you will be a great communicator, leader or manager.




Having read some article on any blog about ” Becoming job ready in 3 tips” is not gonna make you Job ready.

C’mmon yaar!

What do you expect?

How cool would it have been if that was true?

Isn’t it?

Well, mere dost( my phreend ), the world doesn’t work that way.

If you want anything in this world, you HAVE to PUT EFFORT.

You have to spend the time, learn, fail, and re-learn until you get good.

There is no  SHORTCUT.

Yes, there are gonna be times when you want to quit.

When you want to give up trying

When you want to run away from everything.


Stick to it.

D. O. N. ‘T      G. I .V .E     U .P.

Once you reach your destination,

Once you achieve your goals

Once you get successful

Once you get Everything you Worked hard for!

You will look back on these days and think to yourself:

Kitna Pagal tha mai  jo Quit krne ka soch raha tha. ( How stupid was I to even think about quitting?)

And you know what:

That day is not far.


“The darkest hour of night is ones that happen just before the brightest light of the day”.







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